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The Sixth Annual Fimbulwinter Games

9-Man Morris      chess     9-man Morris

Join us for a gaming spectacle worthy of even Loki himself in the Shire of Cuil Cholium as we ward off the "long winter" in Central Constellation.

Once the sun has set we will have a lively time in our casino and a revel that promises to be "to die for" .

Fimbulwinter might be kept at bay if we show how much we enjoy each others' company while we play and make merry all through the wintry day and into the night!


Saturday February 16th, 2019
9am to 9pm

St. David's Episcopal Church
11 Indiana Route 45
Morgantown, IN 46160

Site is DRY and handicap accessible.

Two canned goods or other equivelent non-perishable food item per person
All food collected will be donated to the event site sponsored local food pantry.


Lunch is pot luck with attendees providing the food.
Please bring a printed list of ingredients for your dish.

Here is a list of known allergies in our group.

Coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot cocoa served complimentary throughout the event.

Soup Buffet: several soups and bread will be provided starting at 6pm


Site is DRY and handicap accessible. Parking lot is dirt and gravel.

Tables and chairs will be provided for everyone to sit, play and/or socialize.


Classes for Period games will be taught throughout the day. 
We are looking for folks to teach their favorite period dice, bone, board, card, chance or other games!
If you want to help teach something, show up and announce where and when you'll be starting.
This is a laid back event with little in the way of schedule.

Games included in the day's activities
various morris versions
Hnefatafl on a nearly 3ftx3ft board
Tarot a game of Trumps
Beginner Chess
Dragons and Knights(Hounds and Jackal variation)
Jomswikinger (weather permitting)


The Cuil Cholium Game Library will be present with multiple boards for Nine, Six, and Three Man Morris; Checkers, Chess, Mancala, and lot's more.
Binders will be available with rules and instructions for all these games and more.

There will be a casino with several games of skill and chance, run by Lord Hrafn Graefeldr. The games will include:
Blind Dice
Goose Game

** The Game is afoot. Amongst our midst is a murderer most foul. They stalk and dispatch their victims in plain site.
Are you the confessor, the accuser, the victim, or the harbinger of death. See Hrafn Grafeldr to join in this deadly game of Nighshade.


There will be a fundraising silent auction to benefit the Shire at the event!
Silent Auction List
We'll also have a sale of a bag o'beads for a set price - come get shinies for your gaming and gambling needs!


Contact the Event Steward:
Hrafn Grafeldr



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